Guide to Finishing AVE Raw

The AVE Raw collection of unfinished furniture was developed to give our customers the ability to create one of a kind pieces that can be custom finished to work in any space. Each AVE Raw piece comes completely unfinished, and can be left that way or finished to create a look that is uniquely you.
Our sister company, Jolie Home, offers a line of decorative finishing products that we recommend for all of your finishing needs. Expertly designed to provide exceptional versatility, coverage, and durability, Jolie paints, topcoats and embellishment products work perfectly with our AVE Raw pieces. And if you plan to keep your piece Raw, Jolie Home's Finishing Wax in Clear is a great option for a protective topcoat.
The Everyday Guide is the essential beginner's guide to learn six of Jolie Home's signature finishes. It covers everything from materials, preparing your surfaces, step-by-step techniques, applying Finishing Wax, mixing colors, cleaning, and care. We recommend using this as a guide to finishing your AVE Raw pieces.

As always, our customer care team is available to answer any questions you may have. If you need help, contact us by emailing or calling 504-459-4909.